Behind our products there are designers, engineers and marketers working together to change the digital signage industry.

Executive Team

  • Andrew Greenberger CEO

    Andrew, a trained and practicing Periodontist is the President of Liquid Crystal Media, LLC. He brings to the table over 20 years of business development and understanding. An undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry, his goal is to continue to strive for the protection of our environment. His input into product development and marketing has brought the "green idea" to Liquid Crystal Media, LLC. Andrew's education and level of expertise in following a plan has led Liquid Crystal Media, LLC. to its current position.

    Andrew lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons. He currently has 3 practice locations, all of which were developed and built by him personally. He is involved in multiple business ideas and will be bring multiple products to market.

  • Jeremy Greenberger VP of Product Development

    Jeremy is the designer of this unique and original marketing idea. He has developed multiple screen designs and has been active in the birth of this new company. Jeremy has spent countless hours directing the development of the "indoor digital billboard." Jeremy lives at home in New Jersey where he pursues his education as well as being involved in local sports.