Use a unique communication platform between advertisers and customers.

We now provide digital "mini" billboards for pedicabs and street vendors.


  • Battery Operation: Our displays run on a 12 volt weatherproof battery. If your pedicab does not have an existing battery, don't worry! We provide you with everything you need.
  • Water Resistant: All outdoor displays that we manufacture are IP64 grade water resistant. No need to worry about rain, dust or pollen.
  • Ultra Bright: With our ultra bright displays, even the brightest days allow you view the advertisements! Every ad is visible either at night or during the day.
  • Images and Video: Don't just stick to the boring images. Eye-catching videos help increase product awareness.
  • Lightweight: Best of all, your drivers won't complain because the units are lightweight. In the designing process, we considered the weight as a key feature of our product.
  • LCM produces many sizes that allow you to place our displays on the back of you pedicab or in front of the passenger seat, allowing riders to view ads personally throughout their trip.

    Increase your profits by allowing multiple vendors to advertise in the space where you only had one advertiser

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